Our Specialties

National Associations

Partners' Florida location and tradition of southern hospitality make it a perfect choice for national associations. The lower cost of living and a well-prepared staff mean that Partners can do more for less than traditional locations. Our clients typically experience a reduction in printing, graphic design, tax preparation and many other operating expenses.

Our wide range of experience with certification, marketing, government relations and membership along with our advanced management systems and high tech infrastructure give us the ability to manage any size organization. Our experience with state associations gives us an excellent grounding and empathy for the needs of state chapters and affiliates.


The development of certification programs and standards has become increasingly important with the ever-increasing scrutiny of regulatory agencies. Partners has specialists on staff that work exclusively in certification and standard setting. We work with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to provide accreditation and standards recognition for our association partners.

Specialists on our staff work exclusively in the certification arena, developing and classifying industry knowledge into hierarchies ready for testing certification candidate knowledge. Our staff awards successful candidates with their certification or accreditation and facilitates the renewal and retesting process under an association partner's policy guidelines.

If the challenge is to develop a new standard or certification program our staff will assist the volunteer leadership in:

  • Assessing the kind of program, certification or standards setting, that will fit your industry or profession;
  • Doing the market research of your membership and stakeholders to determine acceptability;
  • Developing a business plan that makes financial sense for your organization;
  • Assessing the risk management needed;
  • Securing the proper legal reviews.

Whether it is managing an existing program, or designing a new one, Partners brings considerable experience to the management of credible and meaningful programs to evaluate members' achievements.


Does your association do the same old thing because it's that time of year again, or is there the excitement of presenting a dynamic marketing plan? Does the staff use the words; imagination, ideas, branding, excitement, effectiveness, sales, and adventure to sum up marketing concepts and objectives?

Partners looks at association partners like we look at our business. Do you have an image? Are you recognized as a brand? Do you develop exciting marketing campaigns for all association services and programs?

Our team of professionals will assist the volunteer leadership in developing the marketing plans and vehicles to maximize the effectiveness of association programs. It does not always take money to develop more effective mechanisms it takes ideas and imagination. In their role of strategic leadership, our marketing staff works with the volunteer leaders to assist in a program design that maximizes interest. Whether it is membership renewals or convention attendance, Partners is proactive in assuring that our association partners remain cutting edge and financially rewarded.

Financial Management

Partners believes that strong systems lead to accurate and predictable outcomes. Nowhere is this more important that in financial management. Our systems for processing financial transactions have been developed through the experience of millions of transactions. Our systems have been carefully reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to assure that they adhere to and meet Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

If an association partner needs specialized reporting or software for financial transactions, Partners can call upon its close alliance with public accounting firms to provide expertise and advice without the need for a separate retainer.

For mutual benefit we request that every association partner participate in financial review procedures each year by an independent CPA firm. We are dedicated to the mandate that an association's financial records be highly transparent, easily understood, usable, and adhere to all applicable laws.

State Associations

As the leading association professional services firm in Florida, Partners has a wide range of experience working with state government including regulatory agencies and legislatures.
We understand the dynamics of state leadership and the needs that members look to their state association to satisfy.

Partners' staff holds numerous positions of leadership within the Florida association community and has a large network of contacts that are beneficial to associations seeking to expand their statewide presence.

Partners approaches work with state associations with a strong awareness of the unique character that formed and shapes each organization. We respect and encourage this unique culture while seeking to add significant value through proven management technique and innovative thinking.

Health Care

Through its association partners, Partners is both a state and national leader in health care. We work with dentists, dental laboratories, long-term care facilities, and other health care facilities at both the state and national levels. We understand the issues of health care and have served as an advocate in state and national regulatory and legislative environments.

Partners brings great value to association partners who are involved in health care. Our established network and understanding mean that we will become effective on your behalf with a minimum orientation.

In many of these specialties our staff is the top executive serving that component of the health care industry. We have a long list of accomplishments working as a team with client partners to raise public awareness, promote quality health care, advocate to regulatory and legislative bodies and improve the health care delivery of each organization's membership.

Most of the health care organizations we have participated with have begun small and grew to a high stature, great effectiveness and member appeal under our management partnership. They have accomplished many fine things thought strategic planning, resource development and persistence. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to do this for your organization.

Strategic Planning

One of the driving principles of Partners success is the simple philosophy to plan work first and then follow-through. Every Partners client is asked to participate in regular strategic visioning, planning and program of work development.

Our staff keeps the strategic plan at the forefront of work as time progresses and reflects each new action against whether it advances the strategic plan. Progress in step-by-step increments according to a plan has allowed many of our association partners to achieve results they had not previously been able to achieve.

The discipline to follow-through on a strategic plan is supported by Partners excellent management systems. The success of our association partners is our top priority and we have planned our entire company around this.


The needs of business persons engaged in trade are very familiar to us. We serve many trade association partners very successfully. On account of our wide exposure and knowledge of trade associations, we are often able to bring suggestions and innovations made in one trade sector and introduce it to another sector, benefiting both association partners.

The Partners philosophy to treat our association partners like they are our own business finds a strong resonance when we are seated at the table with business leaders. We understand business and have built our company around this understanding.

Executive Care

If this describes you --

an executive director with limited support staff, whose budget can only go so far to pay for new software and technology; with volunteer leadership that expects more from less...

- then consider Executive Care where you turn the tables on staffing and technology woes.

Executive Care considers you first. Executive Care asks "what we can do to make you more successful?". It doesn't take vacations, it doesn't break down and require you to fix it, and it doesn't give you 'no' for an answer.

Through Executive Care, Partners provides on-demand professional services to association executive directors, using all the experience accumulated from managing fifteen thriving associations over the past decade, and by leveraging the internal systems that underlie our operations.

We can create the administration your operation needs including:

  • Database;
  • Accounting;
  • Website;
  • and, Membership.

We can house your electronic information on our state-of-the-art equipment (so you don't have to buy any) and provide a good image to your members.

Beyond administration, our staff is ready to turn your ideas into reality, plans into accomplishments, and goals into successes.

Perhaps your association will benefit from a resource infusion from our staff who are experienced with both national and state associations. We offer a whole range of products and services that can be purchased by the hour or by the job to keep your costs low and your overhead even lower- while delivering precision results in:

  • Conventions;
  • Magazine advertising;
  • Exhibit sales and services;
  • Sponsorships;
  • and,Web-based products like E-Zines.

Do yourself the favor today- let us care for you and your association through our Executive Care program. Partners connects with clients, remains attentive, performs responsibly, and is always enthusiastic.

Note: If you are leaving a position with your association, we can help ensure the continuity of processes that made your tenure successful. Read on . . .

The change from one executive director to another is a powerful milestone for any organization and a key factor in its future effectiveness. The reputation of board leaders and even an entire association may be directly affected by the outcomes of transition.

Through its Executive Management Transition program, Partners cares for executive directors transitioning out of their current employment and the associations they formerly served.

We provide either temporary or permanent staffing before, during and after the executive director transition, to assure that there is continuity of processes and corporate memory and knowledge.

Partners has extensive experience with the responsibilities and challenges of transition. We have successfully transitioned six associations in just the past two years alone.

If you are thinking about a transition- even a year into the future -contact us about how we care for you and your association through our Executive Management Transition program.